IPSB College Massage Therapy Clinic

The MTC, or Massage Therapy Clinic, provides an opportunity for clients to experience the accumulated knowledge and skills provided by our students while studying at IPSB College.



Clinic Operating Hours


5:45p; 7:00p; 8:15p


11:30a; 12:45p; 2:00p; 4:15p; 5:30p; 6:45p


11:30a; 12:45p; 2:00p; 4:15p; 5:30p; 6:45p


11:30a; 12:45p; 2:00p; 4:15p; 5:30p; 6:45p

(858) 490-1154

Exciting News at the Clinic

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One Thousand Cranes Rewards Club

Enjoy special rewards just by coming into the Massage Therapy Clinic!

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Massage Therapy

In the last 10 years research into the specific results and benefits of massage and bodywork interventions has emerged as an important part of validating the massage profession for the rest of the healthcare field. This has made it incumbent upon massage educators to cultivate students who are familiar with the research being done in the field, and to offer those who are interested the opportunity to also engage in the research process.